Sweater Knit by Weight - $1.5 per Pound (lbs) - FABCYCLE Deadstock and Sustainble Fabrics and Sewing Supplies
Sweater Knit by Weight - $1.5 per Pound (lbs) - FABCYCLE Deadstock and Sustainble Fabrics and Sewing Supplies
Sweater Knit by Weight - $1.5 per Pound (lbs) - FABCYCLE Deadstock and Sustainble Fabrics and Sewing Supplies
Sweater Knit by Weight - $1.5 per Pound (lbs) - FABCYCLE Deadstock and Sustainble Fabrics and Sewing Supplies
Sweater Knit by Weight - $1.5 per Pound (lbs) - FABCYCLE Deadstock and Sustainble Fabrics and Sewing Supplies
Sweater Knit by Weight - $1.5 per Pound (lbs) - FABCYCLE Deadstock and Sustainble Fabrics and Sewing Supplies

Sweater Knit by Weight - $1.5 per Pound (lbs)


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Sweater Ribs With A Historic Legacy - 100 Years of Knitting Sweaters In Vancouver

Introducing: Sweater Ribs with a historic local legacy.

These Sweater Ribs have not been assembled, and are made in Vancouver by a knitting mill that has been working with the same circular knitting machinery for over 100 years! 

To read more about this Vintage Circular Knitting Machine, Click here to go to our Blog Post 


Receive a surprise box of pre-assembled parts of sweaters made in a Vancouver knitting mill.


Sweater ribs are a mix of pre-assembled parts of sweaters so may be receiving a combination of various parts like:

  • Collars
  • Cuffs
  • Sleeves
  • Front/Back Panels
  • Other Pieces

More Information

  • Sweater Ribs are sorted by similar colour groups.

  • There may be a colour gradient within the same colour group (for example within "Blue" you may have 2 slightly different gradients of "Blue").

  • There may be different textures within the same colour group (for example, blue cuffs from one yarn and blue front panel from another).
  •  Fibre Content: a mix of primarily acrylic or other synthetic yarn and some wool blends.
  • Unfortunately, we're not able to guarantee which part exactly you will receive.
  • Sold per 1 pound

  • Colours depicted as accurately as possible

Our materials are new and unused and thanks to you, it will be diverted from the landfill and given a second chance to be lovingly made into a garment or a work of art.

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What is a Bundle?

A bundle is a pre-cut fabric that comes as is. Often, it is a unique piece of fabric that we only have one size of.

What is a Roll?

Our fabric is sold in units of 1/2 Meter (50cm) increments.

When you choose to purchase 3 units (of 1/2 meter) for example, we'll cut 1.5 metres of a continuous cut.


How do we know what's the fabric content?

Our fabric is collected from industry partners and community members, so we often don't receive any information on the fabric content. However, our team of fabric specialists make an effort to best identify the fabric we receive through using the burn test method and relying on their accumulated textile expertise. For this reason, all fabric content is listed as estimated unless the content is specifically stated with percentages. 

If you've found an error on the listed fibre content, please give us a shout so we can look into it promptly and correct it if needed.

Natural & Synthetic Blends 

Since we don't know the exact fabric content of the textile, it would be safe to wash in cold and gentle wash. You can always wash a sample piece before using the final textile on your product. Hand or machine wash cold with similar colours, hang to dry, iron low temperature.

Specialty Fabrics: Silk, Wool, Embroidery

Dry clean only.

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