Sweater Ribs With A Historic Legacy - 100 Years of Knitting Sweaters In Vancouver

Sweater Ribs With A Historic Legacy: 100 Years of Knitting Sweaters In Vancouver

 At The FAB Team's ReUSE Centre, we come across so many different textiles and notions on our mission of rescuing all usable fabric from Canada's landfills. But our product release this week is truly special and unique, filled with the history of Vancouver's local garment production industry.  

Introducing our latest drop, Sweater Ribs with a historic local legacy.

These Sweater Ribs have not been assembled, and are made in Vancouver by a knitting mill that has been working with the same circular knitting machinery for over 100 years! 

Built in 1912, this vintage machine is a true piece of local garment production history, having produced billions of rows of sweaters for Vancouverites over the past century. The incredible instrument is a completely functioning circular knitting machine that is still churning out sweater ribs to this day, and has not ceased working since it began over 100 years ago, until very recently. 

Sweater Knits by Pound
Get a Mystery Bundle of pre-assembled Sweater Knits by weight
$4 per Pound (LBS)
If you're wanting to get creative with some of the beautiful sweater knits made by this machine and other knitting machines from this mill, check out our product page!

Having been part of a family run knitting mill, this amazing piece of machinery is now on pause, as the business which has passed down knowledge of knitting a fantastic sweater over the generations transitions to a new location. The family business is now in a new locale where they no longer have need for this hardy machine, and they are seeking a new owner and home for it, where it can continue creating sweaters for generations to come.

Check out our video of this amazing historical knitting machine in action!




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