Textile Recycling


Waste into Resource

FABCYCLE is a collection service of textile waste. We  work directly with fashion designers, schools and apparel manufacturers to collect their fabric waste and find the best way to divert it from the landfill.

The pickups are limited at the moment to Metro Vancouver however if you're interested in the service outside our coverage area, please contact us directly.

We work primarily with organisations that have either a larger amount of textile waste (scraps, off-cuts, damages etc) or a consistent flow of textile waste (swatches or samples).

If you have a smaller quantity of scraps and you'd like to explore creative ideas how to ReUse them, contact us for more info.

To get more information on the service fee or to schedule a pickup, contact us here or go to FABCYCLE.CA


We'll collect your fabric waste directly from your facility. Bins, reusable bags and signage are provided per demand.

What we collect: scraps, off-cuts, swatches, samples and end of rolls.


Once materials are collected and taken to our warehouse, our team will sort through the bags to find the fabrics that can be ReUSED (as the prime goal) and only as second option, be Recycled.


ReUSE first // We welcome artists, crafters and creative minds to experiment with textile waste to circulate these materials back into use.

Recycle // If materials cannot be ReUSED, we'll make sure they are industrially recycled.