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Do you have too many fabric rolls, pre-cut fabric or sewing supplies that just take too much space?

We accept donations of fabric and sewing supplies and provide a space for the creative community to experiment with textile waste to circulate these materials back into use.

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Fabric Rolls

We'll collect your excess fabric rolls straight from your space so you don't have to spend extra time or money to handle the materials.

For multiple items, please contact us to arrange a Pickup (Metro Vancouver area only).

Fabric (pre-cut)

We accept a minimum of 1 metre of pre-cut fabric and are happy to pick up the materials from your studio or business. 

For single items or small batches, please contact us to schedule a Drop off at the ReUSE Centre.

Sewing Supplies

If you have extra threads, zippers, elastics, buttons or any other notions or sewing supplies - we'll be happy to find them a new home.


Scraps & Offcuts

If you're looking to divert your scraps from the landfill, check out our Textile Recycling service option

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