FABCYCLE's Anti-Racism Action Plan

FABCYCLE's Anti-Racism Action Plan

As a small team of non-Black and non-Indigenous women, we are not exempt from acknowledging our privilege to learn about racism rather than experiencing it. The protests for justice for anti-Black acts are not exclusive to the U.S: Canada carries the same history of systemic and blatant discrimination against Indigenous peoples. The unnecessary deaths of Black and Indigenous peoples at the hands of police are not only wrong, but revealing of the unjust foundations our livelihoods and systems are built upon.

Anti-Racism Plan

We want to assure our employees and customers that a return to business does NOT mean back to normal. To bring awareness to this unjust reality, our FABCYCLE team has developed an anti-racism plan to convert our individual activism into the workplace and business.

Over the past week, our social media was used to amplify Black voices, promote Black-owned businesses, and circulate resources relevant to the Black Lives Matter Movement. We dedicated 20% of all purchases on Saturday to the Hogan's Alley Society, and our team invested their own time to online education and donated monetary support to initiatives and bail funds. This is only the least we could do.

Our active anti-racism plan was developed to integrate a dedication to ally work and inclusivity into FABCYCLE's operations as a business. Our transparency is key in holding ourselves accountable and consistent to our solidarity with Black and Indigenous peoples, who are protesting for change and risking their lives at this very moment.

Amplifying BIPOC Makers

Online, we will take advantage of our digital platform to recognize and feature our community, who we believe is much more diverse than portrayed in the sewing industry. We invite BIPOC artists and creators to reach out if they would like promotional support or textile resources. 

Revising Website and Communications

We will also revise our website content to prioritize inclusive statements, such as land acknowledgements.

Anti-Racism Policy

Beyond social media, FABCYCLE has committed to adopting an anti-racism policy in the workplace, regarding the inclusivity of all employees regardless of background, orientation and identity. We will provide team members time off to attend local protests or for mental health care if requested.

Open and Inclusive ReUSE Centre

Additionally, we reiterate our open invitation offered to our local community to use the ReUSE Centre for creative workshops and events, especially for BIPOC organizations that require space.

Keep Listening and Learning

We understand that these policies should have been applied earlier, not as a result of the Black Lives Matter protests, and we apologize for our delayed action. Though it takes time, it is our responsibility to learn about racial justice and continue reflecting and educating ourselves to support Black and Indigenous peoples. We will implement and revise this plan overtime, and welcome suggestions via comment, direct message and email to improve our social enterprise and better support our community.

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