FABCYCLE Unboxing Haul Livestream *Postponed*

FABCYCLE Unboxing Haul Livestream *Postponed*

If you ever visited the ReUSE Centre, you’d know that our space is a wonderful chaos of sewing materials and creativity.

The abundance of unique fabric rolls is only a small portion of the many supplies we receive from our community of people and businesses.

We recently got an abundance of bags and boxes from our community members that were passed on to us and as much as we're itching to open the boxes and see what's inside, we wanted to savor the magical moment and unbox the contents of the boxes with you.

The boxes came from lovely home sewists and at first glimpse contain a life's work of various sewing supplies, books, and other vintage materials and we are so tempted to see what's inside!

Please join us *Thursday June 11 @12:30PM for the unboxing and help us figure out what is it that we just got!

This will be a live Facebook event and we would love to get your comments about the materials as we go so we can really appreciate them and find the best use for them.

How to join the event?

Go to our Facebook event HERE and click "Going". We'll keep you updated with the event link.

See you there! 💖


In case you missed it:

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  • sue mckenzie

    I can hardly wait to come and visit your Fabcycle place and buy some fabric.
    It looks like I could spend hours finding the best treasures to craft and make things.
    Do you ever want volunteers to help you sort and organize stuff?

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