Behind the Scenes: Donations Collection Ride

Fabcycle Behind the Scenes

We're super excited to bring you this sneak peak of our daily work at FABCYCLE.

In this series, we're taking you along with us to collect donations from our local community and industry partners and share with you the laughs, challenges and the work involved in actively diverting textile waste from the landfill.

In this behind the scenes footage, you'll join Irina, the founder of FABCYCLE in her ride to meet various people and collect materials that otherwise would have ended in the landfills.

Part 1: Let's hit the road!

We're starting the day with a quick stop at a private residence. The fabrics we're getting are the last bits of a family sewing business that is no longer in business and the materials they had stored were taking too much space. It's time to find them a new home! We got lots of fleece, thread, elastic and other great sewing supplies that are just itching to be used by other makers.

 Part 2: Always be ready for the unexpected!

Our second stop is with a maker that has been collecting beautiful fabrics for many years and for personal reasons had to let them go. The fabrics were taken care of and are in mint condition. Many vintage fabrics that are one of a kind and so many exciting patterns, textures and finishes. Erin is going to die for it!

Part 3: Good Friends, Great Fabrics

In our last stop, we're visiting an old friend and a very talented fashion designer. After collecting various fabrics throughout her fashion design school and experimenting with the fabrics, it was time to let some of them go as she was in transition to a new home. 

 Part 4: Now the real work begins

We're back at the ReUSE Centre! Now it's time for the work to begin. 

After unloading the fabrics, we anticipate Erin's reaction as she walks in the studio to find the fresh batch of diverted fabrics and sewing supplies.

We're getting ready to sort them all and make them available for other makers to use so we can make room for more saved fabrics and supplies.

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