Unboxing With Erin

Anyone whose had the opportunity to visit our ReUSE Centre in Vancouver's Chinatown knows very well, that we have a plethora of unique fabrics, and supplies. The singular textile rolls and notions in our ReUSE Centre are just a small amount of all the materials we receive from our community of sewists and businesses.

Every 2 weeks our lovely Studio Manager Erin Gravelle hosts our Facebook Unboxing video events, Live from FABCYCLE's ReUse Centre! We get so many different unique fabrics all the time, so we decided to share the excitement of receiving new materials with our audience! Watch along to see which fabrics Erin and the FAB Team have received in past Unboxing Events!

Unboxing Videos

December 1, 2020

This week, Erin unboxed plethora of zippers in a multitude of hues and lengths, various colours of embroidery threads, sewing needles, elastic, and more! Watch the video to discover the full haul!

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December 15, 2020

Not only is her outfit to die for, but this week Erin unboxed so many different gorgeous patterned fabrics! From Navajo inspired geometric prints, to dainty florals, vintage lace, and so much more!

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December 29, 2020

Our last unboxing event of 2020 was full of 90's vibes, and fun jazzy fabrics! Featuring bold houndstooth, psychedelic zig zag, cute florals, and organic painterly prints, check it out!

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